Hassle-Free Returns

Global Concerns


Our commitment to your satisfaction begins the moment you place an order at Global Concerns. More than anything else, we want you to be happy with the products you buy from us, so we guarantee all items for 15 days. If at any time you’re not satisfied, please return it to us.

If your purchase was damaged in shipping or your order was incorrect, please contact us immediately through the chat feature on this page. Hold on to the original item and packaging.

Welcome to the Hassle-Free Returns process. Submit your information below to send your item back to Global Concerns, free of charge. Please carefully read through this list to see how we can best help you return your item. This service is only valid for US addresses.

Would you like to order a replacement item? Please order your replacement online at nrs.com or by calling 877-677-4327. You will be charged for your online order now, but once we receive your return we'll credit you for the original purchase price.

If you are an NRS Outfitter or Distributor, please follow these steps. If you are a Pro customer, please follow these steps.

  • You cannot use this service to return a flammable item (including but not limited to: adhesives, glues and solvents) or CO2 cartridges.

  • For inflatable boats, call 877.677.4327 for instructions.

  • All returned items must be clean and dry.

  • Note: if you’re in Alaska or Hawaii, you cannot use this label for the return of any oversized items. Additionally, this service can take 2–4 weeks to reach us from these locations.

  • Affirm customers: please note that due to Affirm’s policies, NRS can only issue refunds if we receive and process your returned items within 120 days from the original date of purchase.